AbCellera, a local Vancouver biotech company lead by Dr. Carl Hansen, had an IPO on Friday, December 11th, 2020 and now has a market cap of $15 billion!!! This is a tremendous success for AbCellera, UBC, the Vancouver biotech community and the millions of people that will ultimately benefit from the therapeutics that AbCellera will develop. Abcellera has used its “lab-on-a-chip” platform to develop a treatment for COVID19 and is working on developing treatments for other diseases.

To reflect on this big news, I wrote this Medium article. The article is divided into three parts: 1) AbCellera’s IPO, 2) major milestones in AbCellera’s history and 3) Abcellera’s UBC connection. …


Philip Edgcumbe

UBC Radiology Resident (MD, PhD) | Singularity University Faculty | Futurist | Entrepreneur

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